Android is NOT just ‘Java on Linux’

I made a set of presentation slide. It describes inside of Android.

This slide has many links to my Japanese blog pages. I will rewrite those pages to English later.

2011.5.24 updated
I updated the slide. If you don’t see “2011.5.24 bug fixed” at front page, make browser force reload, or visit

If you understand Japanese, visit Japanese page. Movie is here.


slide of “Android is NOT just ‘Java on Linux'” – Android-platform, Google Groups
Android Architecture –


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7 Responses to Android is NOT just ‘Java on Linux’

  1. Kobayashi-san,

    Your blog is what I wanted to find when I started working with Android internals last year. Still, lot of nice information.
    Keep your good work.


  2. bijoy says:

    great work man. very easy and simplified

  3. Rick Warner says:

    I’ve been looking for this kind of blog forever. Great job. Thank you very much.

  4. Madhvesh says:

    This is very good Blog and very easy to understand at high level

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  6. Allexs says:

    Very good presentation! Thanks!)

  7. I personally Feel article, “Android is NOT just ‘Java on Linux’ « Koba’s blog” was correctly written! I actuallycould not agree together with u even more! Finally appears like I personallycame across a internet site definitely worth browsing. I appreciate it, Carl

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