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Boot logs of various Android devices

I gathered boot logs and other information of various Android devices. When you work to port Android system, these are useful to compare with. (Japanese version of this page) Advertisements

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Connecting Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 via adb on Ubuntu

At Google I/O, the attendee brought back Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1. I had a chance to touch it. At first I tried to connect it to Windows 7 PC by USB cable. But it said failed to install USB driver. … Continue reading

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Android is NOT just ‘Java on Linux’

I made a set of presentation slide. It describes inside of Android.

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Boot Android 2.3(Gingerbread) from SD card on KZM-A9-Dual board

Before I showed how to run Android 2.3 on KZM-A9-Dual board. (Quick hack to run Android 2.3(Gingerbread) on KZM-A9-Dual board) At that time I put the root file system on NFS server. This time let’s put it on SD card. … Continue reading

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Start up sequence of system server of Android (memo)

This is memo of start up sequence of system server, which starts various services. (as of android-2.3.3_r1 source code) (Japanese version of this page)

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Comparing 3 JDKs by Android build time

Thanks to ccache, C/C++ build time has been significantly reduced. Next I want to speed up Java. This time I tried to compare build time using 3 different JDKs, which are available in Ubuntu. (Japanese version of this page)

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How to find and install the missing file in Ubuntu

When you build some project, you may see the compile error such as: “zlib.h : No such file or directory.” Then you need to know which package include zlib.h to install by ‘apt-get’. I show you how to find this. … Continue reading

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